Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite Photo Deco App

Hello cuties!

In one of my previous posts I raved about the Snapeee Photo Deco App.  It's like Instagram except includes tons of stickers, text, frames, effects, etc.  I still really like this app however I recently discovered one that I like EVEN BETTER!

It is called Cameran Collage and it is available on both the Android and Apple markets.

I like it because unlike the other photo deco apps that I've used, (Snapeee, Picute, Animal Face) it doesn't have ANY in-app purchase requirements to get the cool deco packs.  I believe that this is because this app is sponsored/produced by Japan's major fashion magazines and brands ("nonno","MORE", "BLENDA","LEE", "L'OCCITANE","MERCURYDUO", "deicy", "Afternoon Tea LIVING", "Mark's masté", "X-girl", "Cocoonist") so it is just free advertising for them.

When you open the app you will see this page.  
Tap on the Present icon on the bottom left to add deco packs

Once you're done adding sticker packs then scroll through the design themes and tap on the one that you want to use.  
There are pre-designed templates...

...or you can start from scratch.

Another thing that I really like about this app is that you can add photos from the albums on your phone, or you can add from other apps like Dropbox, Facebook, or search google for images!

When you're done with your design you just tap the Next icon on the upper right conner of the screen.  It will take you to this screen where you can save and share your photo to Facebook and Twitter with a comment, or you can share to Instagram, email, LINE, or other apps on your phone.

Here are some photos that I've decorated

I can't wait to print these out and put them in frames!  
I'm also very excited about printing some of these on my Polaroid ZIP so I can put photos in my planner.

Thanks for reading!

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