Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Officially a #PlannerAddict

Howdy all!

In my previous post So I Bought A Planner I announced that I decided to buy a planner, and join the millions of women who are addicted to their planners.

Before I committed to a planner, I researched and researched and I finally selected the Websters Pages Color Crush.  The reason is that it comes with the most beautiful paper and dividers, and it was the least expensive.  No brainer!

On the kit is priced at $34.99 however, I purchased mine from for $23.47.  The only one available was the orange one but I'm ok with that.  I look good in orange >.<

If you click here you can see the Websters Pages ad for the Color Crush planners.  But one thing I noticed is that there really weren't any good photos online of the contents of the Color Crush planners so I decided to share them with you here on my blog.

When you open the planner you see that the snap strap is longer to accommodate more stuff inside.  Plus there are pockets for your stickies, paperclips, stickers, etc.  In addition to that it comes with 3 clear plastic dashboards - very cool!

The 1st divider is labelled Write it Down and the pages in that section contain:  Thoughts, Ideas, and Dreams, plus a lot of space for writing.  Great for journaling or planning.

The second section is labeled Memory Keeping.  The pages in there say A Day In the Life, where you can write a brief description of what you did each day in that month.  

On the back of each of these pages there is a spot where you can paste a photo and you can write down what people said, or various things that happened that you want to remember.  

The next section is labeled Lists to Love and in there you can create monthly To Do lists and Menu plan.  I'm really looking forward to menu planning!  Now that I'm a stay at home mom I want to plan our dinners.  I think it will help motivate me to actually cook every day or every other day.

The next section is labeled Staying Inspired, and within that section they have placed GORGEOUS papers for you to use in your planning/journaling.  Plus if you have fancy paper, like I do, you can add in more pages here.

They are beautiful and inspiring

Am I right?

Love them

This is the divider for the calendar section - so pretty!  They all are really...

First you have your monthly calendars

Your "At A Glance" if you will...

And on the back page of each month they have a page titled "This & That, little notes and daily memories for a well planned life"  
So, that Recycle divider I added in myself and labeled it Weekly for my weekly planning because they didn't have a divider for that, which I thought was weird...but what-eves.

Then you have your weekly planner pages, which come with a top-tabbed divider so you can flip right to the current week when you open your planner.  It is labeled Right Now with gold lettering and gold polkadots. Cute!

I added this last divider in from a sympathy card that I thought was so pretty.
We end in joy.

Finally, at the back of the planner you will find a plastic pocket for added storage, a note pad, and another pocket!  Yes, another one.  Love it!

This planner comes with so many cute details, including this charm/keychain that says "laugh everyday".  I think each color of planner comes with a different message on these little keychains.

In addition to planners, Websters Pages sells the coordinating CraftMate Folio so you can take various art supplies with you to decorate your planner on the go.  These sell for $14.95 on

I'm kinda broke right now so I decided to use this makeup bag that opens like a book instead.  
I'm so glad I had it!  I got it a Big Lots years ago in a makeup bag travel set.

I think it will be perfect

Not too shabby!

In my next post I will blog about DIY daily pages.
Thank you for reading!

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