Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So I Bought a Planner

Hello readers,

After much thought, and attempts to use the SNote on my Samsung Note 4 to journal/scrapbook, I've decided to go to paper.  My decision was primarily based on permanence of my art journal - with the SNote I could loose my journal if I didn't have it backed up properly.  Also, I have a TON of washi tape, fancy paper, embellishments, and stickies so it just made sense.

In anticipation of my planner's arrival, I got my little planner station ready.  I purchased this cute little craft caddy used for $7.  It is really practical!  I have all of my kawaii sticky notes in there, stamp pads, and my pink paper stitcher.

I purchased most of my washi tape, cute sticky notes, and this cute little stamp set from

My bear basket is holding more items for me.

The back side of the craft caddy has a spot for fancy tape or ribbons

And I keep my 6-hole punch in the little drawer

In my next post I will reveal the planner that I selected.

Thank you for reading!

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