Friday, April 10, 2015

Vintage Korean Doll Re-Work, Art, and My Mom's Craft Room

Hello Cutie-pants,

During my visit to my mom in Arkansas, my mom and I tasked ourselves with finding goods for my booth at Antiques and Things.  We found many many many good things to keep and to sell.  I'll be sharing them on my Instagram page so be sure to follow that.

One of the things that we found was this vintage Korean doll, called a Bradley Doll.  I was super excited to buy it for $5.

My aunt had some of these in her doll collection so I've always liked them.  What I like in particular is their starry eyes!  Sooooo cool.

As a result I am particularly fond of art with starry eyed females in it.  I've added a bunch to my Pinterest board Fabulous Art so swing on over there to check some out.  Here is one example by Kat Kalindi Cameron

Getting back to the doll...she was so cheap because she was a mess!  I tried to clean her up but there were deep stains and sun damage.  My mom and I decided to just make her a new dress.

Here is another Bradley Doll that we picked, up whose eyes needed to be re-done.  
This photo was taken after my mom and I drew in her eyes and took apart the first doll's dress and hat.
I still need to go in with some white paint to add the stars to the doll on the right.  We also messed up and got some ink on her forehead, to the left of her eyebrow, so I'm going to try to get it out.  We may have ruined this doll...whoops!  Oh well - crafting isn't always perfect.

I surprised my mom in her little sewing room while she was sewing the new dress.

 Posing for the camera - my mom is 67!  She looks so good for her age.

While I'm in here I might as well show one of the cute little pieces of furniture that she found second hand.  It is a bit shabby but it is definitely chic!

 Inside is storage for thread and other notions.  Cute!

 Working away...

 Patiently waiting...

 We were going to sew her an entirely new dress but my mom remembered that she had one for a 16" doll, so she just altered it to fit our Bradley Doll.

 Unfortunately, she accidentally sewed it crooked.  As a result, she had to un-sew and then re-sew by hand.  
Here she is holding it center so she can begin stitching.

 Meanwhile I added a tulle petticoat

When the dress was done she looked great!  I like it because she looks more proper - less like an 1800s bar-maid.  I made the hat.

 I added lime green feathers, ribbon, and rose to it for drama.

What do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?
Actually, don't tell me if you hate it.  "If you can't say anything nice..."

 What's important is I like it.

The glue gun is my friend <3

Thanks for reading!

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