Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snapeee App - I'm hooked on photo deco

Hi all,

Hope you've been well!

I've been good - just playing with all sorts of fun apps in the Google Play store.

I recently started using Snapeee. It is kind of like a Japanese version of Instagram except with WAY more options. These include filters, frames,  stamps,  writing,  etc.



When you download the app you get free points in your bank to buy deco packs with.

To get more free points you just have to "like" other Snapeee members photos. You can choose from 4 categories:  Great,  Kawaii,  Yummy, and Like. You will receive approximately 5 points for each interaction.

There are some deco packs that can only be purchased with real money.

Here are some of my favorite photo deco creations that I made.






Once you are finished decorating your photo you can share it on Facebook and Twitter, plus a variety of other social networking sites that I've never heard of... probably because they are Japanese.

You can also set the privacy of your photos: public,  followers only,  friends only,  etc.

Another photo deco app without the social networking aspect is Picute. I like this app but there are fewer free deco packs that are as adorable as Snapeee.


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