Friday, June 12, 2015

Feeling Uninspired

Hello Loves,

I have been in a funk lately - I've been uninspired and unmotivated which can really add to one's depressed feeling, especially if you create art as an emotional outlet.  It is incredibly frustrating on days like this, when I am home alone, and have all the time in the world to work on projects.

Some tools that I (and probably most of you) use to become inspired are Pocket, Bloglovin, and Pinterest.

The major downside to these are that you can get sucked into the web, and end up spending hours just browsing, reading, and pinning - AAAHHHHH!  What's a girl to do?

My answer is go back to paper.  Read your craft books and magazines because unlike the internet - they are finite.

 Once you've flipped through the pages it's done.  The End.

My favorite crafts books are:

The Stampin' Up Idea Book and Catalog.  Great for card making layout ideas - especially if you're a Stampin' Up customer.  Because then you can get ideas on how to use the materials and tools that you've purchased.  Mine is an older version but it is still great for looking up layouts.  Another added bonus is that your Stampin' Up rep will often give these to you for free if you ask.

I found this book at Tuesday Morning and bought it to get ideas on what to do with my button hoard.
Tuesday Morning has REALLY inexpensive books.  Some as cheap as $1 each.

I seriously love this magazine but I only own 2 of them because they are about $15 each.  
Look how many pages I've flagged!

I am always impressed with the artists that Stampington selects for their many catalogs.

I absolutely love this book but I haven't actually tried to make anything using it yet.  I bought it because I have a plethora of ribbon, and I figured learning how to work with them would come in handy.  Plus, ribbon embroidery is a dying art.  Let's keep it alive!
I have, however, read through the entire book and I can say that the instructions are very easy to follow.

My friend Kate introduced me to this book and I absolutely fell in love!  So gorgeous...

This book is primarily focused around soldering instructions, but on this page they show you how to do mixed media collage, which is useful in all sorts of projects.

Again, I haven't made anything using the instructions in this book yet but I am planning on getting into soldering.  I've received most of the tools necessary but I'm still missing some holders and clamps.

I just love this lady!  Not only is she an amazing seamstress but she is also an amazing painter!
You can purchase her fabrics and prints and other items on her website.  Plus if you subscribe to her newsletter she sends you monthly freebie wallpapers for all of your devices.

 This book comes complete with patterns.

So, basically if you actually want to be productive yet still gain inspiration, books can be an amazing tool.

I hope you found this useful!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sale - 40% Off at the Antique Shop

Hello Dear Readers,

I wrote awhile back about my booth at Antiques and Things here in Albuquerque.  I absolutely love being a part of this store.  So many awesome vendors with fun antiques <3

I'm pleased to announce that for the month of June I will be having a 40% off sale on everything in my booth, except for items marked FIRM.  This discount is valid only for items in Booth 19.  Ask the cashier to show you which one is mine.

Here are some items that I've blogged about previously, that are included in the sale.

Vintage Bradley Doll with custom dress and hat

Cute vintage charm necklace

Handmade upcycled necklace, made from amethyst, pearls, copper, and vintage buttons

Infants' Christening Gowns

Upcycled Vintage File Cases

Upcycled and Handmade Tiered Party Platters 

Handmade Mad Tea Party Bunny Rabbit Figurine

Upcycled Crystal Cloche for fruit or pastries

Vintage Kitty Cats Music Box

Mid-century Psycho Ceramics Pan Ashtray

Handmade Cards

Upcycled Mini-Curio Cabinet

And more!

Antiques & Things
4710 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

(505) 268-1313 

Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday Noon-5PM

Stop in for a visit and be sure to share with your friends.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Invitation: Mad Tea Party with A Fancuful Twist

Hello wonderfuls!

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a Mad Tea Party on July 11th with Vanessa Valencia of A Fancuful Twist.  I am a huge fan of hers - major girl crush <3  I discussed this in my previous post Halloween Party with A Fanciful Twist.  I won't reiterate all of that but suffice it to say - she's cool.

That said, you are cordially invited to attend the Mad Tea Party blog hop event.  To attend simply visit my blog on the day of the event to check out my party.  Then visit Vanessa's blog to see the list of other bloggers that are also hosting tea parties of their own.

If you have a blog and you'd like to participate then visit Vanessa's Invitation Post for more details.

Coincidentally, I will also be hosting a craft party on that day.  I am inviting the members of my Craft Meetup group to come to my house to learn how to make a needle felted Latte Pin Cushion.

So be sure to visit on July 11th to check out the festivities!
Can't wait!!! <3


Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite Photo Deco App

Hello cuties!

In one of my previous posts I raved about the Snapeee Photo Deco App.  It's like Instagram except includes tons of stickers, text, frames, effects, etc.  I still really like this app however I recently discovered one that I like EVEN BETTER!

It is called Cameran Collage and it is available on both the Android and Apple markets.

I like it because unlike the other photo deco apps that I've used, (Snapeee, Picute, Animal Face) it doesn't have ANY in-app purchase requirements to get the cool deco packs.  I believe that this is because this app is sponsored/produced by Japan's major fashion magazines and brands ("nonno","MORE", "BLENDA","LEE", "L'OCCITANE","MERCURYDUO", "deicy", "Afternoon Tea LIVING", "Mark's masté", "X-girl", "Cocoonist") so it is just free advertising for them.

When you open the app you will see this page.  
Tap on the Present icon on the bottom left to add deco packs

Once you're done adding sticker packs then scroll through the design themes and tap on the one that you want to use.  
There are pre-designed templates...

...or you can start from scratch.

Another thing that I really like about this app is that you can add photos from the albums on your phone, or you can add from other apps like Dropbox, Facebook, or search google for images!

When you're done with your design you just tap the Next icon on the upper right conner of the screen.  It will take you to this screen where you can save and share your photo to Facebook and Twitter with a comment, or you can share to Instagram, email, LINE, or other apps on your phone.

Here are some photos that I've decorated

I can't wait to print these out and put them in frames!  
I'm also very excited about printing some of these on my Polaroid ZIP so I can put photos in my planner.

Thanks for reading!