Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Craft Project - Miniature Curio Cabinet

Hi all,
My friend gave me this cute miniatures display thingie that she found second hand and I immediately wanted to jazz it up

First I picked my paper. I chose some paper that I bought from my Stampin' Up rep.

I picked this paper because it has the pastel pinks, blues, and yellows that I'm attracted to but it also had a nice bright red and coral which complemented the red background of the shelf. It also had little images of antique household items. I felt this theme matched the curio cabinet.

I selected a few coordinating embellishments.

Then I got started in my vision. I handmade the bunting banner out of the coordinating paper.

I cut the paper to the size of each box and added my embellishments. I left room for my little miniatures that I would be adding.

I added some little curios that I had sitting around my craft room but there is still room for more tiny finds.

In a few cases I took an image and measured it so that parts of the images could be in 4 to 6 boxes.

Until next time!
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