Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Thrift Shop Finds: Jewelry and Jewelry Box

Hi all,

This is another email in a series that I'm working on - Thrift Shop Finds!

I purchased a mostly nice jewelry box at the Goodwill here in Albuquerque for $7.00...more than I usually like to pay but it was a good size and the inside was in good condition.

Using Mod Podge - I decided to decorate the top with some Melody Ross paper and lace ribbons that I had.

I messed up a little when I was trying to smooth out some air bubbles. Maybe I'll put a speech bubble there...

I tried to preserve the gold trimmed border on the top but i cut it a little close on the left side.

The last things I used were a wide polka dotted ribbon in red and white, with 3 types of coordinating lace.

The inside is filled with vintage jewelry goodies that I haven't decided what I will do with yet...

Stay tuned!
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