Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mi Vida Loca

Hello My Lovelies,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately!  My life has taken an unexpected yet pleasant turn.  I've been dating someone that lives near the village where my mom is from Colonias, New Mexico.  He's a rancher so I've been spending a few days each week out at his place, one day each week volunteering at a thrift shop called Passion For Fashion, and one day working at Antiques and Things.  I spend the weekends with my little girl.

In addition, I posted awhile back about how my new house was really lacking in the art studio department, which unfortunately hasn't been very inspiring.  I have made some improvements to my craft studio's organization, and I've made a few things here and there, kept my planner looking fabulous and fun, but otherwise....meh.  I do post some of the things that I've been doing on Instagram and Tumblr so, for quick updates, please keep track of me there.

Because I want to spend time with my handsome cowboy, but I also need to make money, I decided to take a job working for some dear friends in the awesome town of Las Vegas, New Mexico.  (Here's another cool link about Las Vegas)  I will post another article that shows why I love this town so much.  Basically all of the buildings and homes are historic because "back in the day" they couldn't afford to tear them down.  What an amazing twist of fate!  The town's poverty has preserved its Wild West history - and I love that!

Anyway, back to The Llano.  I'd like to share a few photos of Colonias, New Mexico and surrounding areas.  I have always loved this part of New Mexico.  As a child I never wanted to leave and I always planned on retiring there.  When you're driving out it looks pretty bland and boring, but when you drive off to the North, the roads take you down in canyons, or up onto mesas, with lovely landscapes.

This photo was taken recently - my boyfriend and I were out checking stuff and he took me to this cool tree with a random vintage metal cot underneath it.

Here's my Instagram post

Big skies - lots of peace and quiet!

My sweetie complains about the thistles, and though they are a nuisance, I remind him each time that they are edible!

We call this hill La Questa because it used to be treacherous when it was dirt, and it still can be when it snows

These next set of photos were taken on July 4th, 2009, before and after a huge rain storm that we had.  Water is so precious!

Curiosities everywhere...

Oddities everywhere too...

Waste not - want not

Fun stuff <3  Stay tuned for my next post about Las Vegas, NM.