Saturday, December 21, 2013

Being A Working Mom

So I have spent the morning reading the blogs that I follow and reveling in the beauty and perfection of all of the home decor photos and craft spaces.
I realized that I have yet to follow a blog that is written by a woman that I can truly identify with. A crafty working mom who is trying to juggle work,  parenting,  side craft business,  chores,  and home repairs,  etc.
I am planning on tackling these dishes shortly but before I did I just wanted to post this shout out to all you ladies out there who, like me, are struggling to keep it together.
Keep your chin up!   Take it a minute at a time.
^.^  Myria

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Boudoir Tour

We are currently undergoing a house remodel (going on two+ years now) and I just realized that my bedroom is the only room in the house that is not embarrassing and fit for public view.
My color scheme in this room is lavender,  gray,  plum,  silver,  and black.
You can see my Brocade bed spread and antique vanity thing that I inherited from my great aunt.
A top the vintage vanity that belonged to my Grandma I have my fancy Victorian style lamp that I paid to much money for but I am still glad I bought because I LOVE it!
I have one of my dad's vintage black and white photos that he took in the late 1960s on the wall. You can find it at Mandell Photos on Etsy .  I also use this wall mounted key holder for all my jewelry.
Nobody wears hats anymore. Sad panda!
I'm not sure what to call this. It's kind of like a vanity but you can't sit at it. Maybe it's a dressing table or jewelry armoire?   Whatever it is it's gorgeous!  
In this photo you can see the Black Quail pottery piece that my mom found second hand. It is signed Baca and I'm positive it was handmade here in NM and sold at galleries in Santa Fe.
You can also see the neat little vintage bobble head turtle pin cushion that she found used too.
I was so stoked when I found those two Avon perfume bottle figurines!
The glass on the door is cracked,  which is a bit depressing. But this is still a very useful piece of furniture - even if I do have a minor coronary every time I have to put something away or take something out.
Hard to see in this photo but I once found an awesome assortment of cut glass perfume bottles for $2 each. Needless to say I bought all of them. I resold a few at a consignment shop and kept the rest for my perfume bottle collection.
So now you have caught a glimpse into my tranquil space. The rest of the house looks like it shelters homeless squatters.  I'm exaggerating of course. 
Let me give you some history - we started an insulation project last year and it still isn't done yet.  The trim around the windows has been ripped off so the walls could be topped with insulation and then new drywall.  We are slowly putting on the finishing touches but I must say,  the reduced cost of our heating bills was immediate. We saved $70 the first month!  Totally worth the upheaval.