Friday, August 29, 2014

Winner of Perfect Wedding Guide Gift Certificate

Hello Readers,
Hope everyone is doing great!  I'm still in between jobs so I've had time to get some crafting in. I wish I could do this as my full-time job! <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="">
So, awhile back I donated a $250 Gift Certificate to The Perfect Wedding Guide.  This guide is a comprehensive wedding planning booklet for New Mexico brides.  I was super excited to participate in their giveaway, and in exchange Beloved Bijou Adornments was given an advertising slot in the guide.  Sweet!
The Perfect Wedding Guide NM
The winner of my gift certificate was Courtney, a bride whose wedding is set for March 2015.  Courtney decided to use her gift certificate for hair accessories for herself, her mom, and her 6 bridesmaids.
She gave me photos of all the ladies. I then made notes on the backs of the photos as to what each lady wanted to wear in her hair: headband, bobby pin, clip, or barrette.  Her wedding colors are blue and yellow.
I met with Courtney earlier this week to deliver the goods.  Here is what she got:
Headband for the bride
Fascinator headband for the mother of the bride. My inspiration was fancy church hats.
Another headband for one of the bridesmaids.  This one had a big bow made out of tulle.
Some small sparkly bobby pins for one of the bridesmaids.  She wants to wear them interspersed throughout her updo.
I used tulle to make leaves
I was told that this bride likes to wear her hair up in a half-pony tail with a barrette.  I hope she likes this one!
There were two bridesmaids that opted for alligator clips.  I made two for each of them.
More leaves made from tulle.  I really loved making these! Easy to make but they really add something fun and fancy
I hope you enjoyed this post!  I really loved making these.  I'm taking more orders for bridal jewelry and accessories for next year's wedding season.  There is also still time for 2014 winter weddings.  You can reach me through my website's contact form.
My Website
Thank you for reading!
♡ Myria

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine Victorian Mansion - Part 2

Hello Readers,

I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath for Part 2 of my Victorian mansion tour, right?  Right!
In last week's post I introduced you to the Woodruff-Fontaine House Mansion however, I left out one room - the nursery. 

A cute little child's sized chair with foot stool.

This room was my favorite display by far! 
I especially loved the life sized mannequins of little girls dressed up in period clothing. 
And the toys...oh the toys...absolutely awesome!!!  
How cute is the wall paper?

Well folks, that concludes the tour. 
Thank you for reading!
Myria <3

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine Victorian Mansion - Part 1

Hello readers!

I recently spent 2 weeks in Arkansas visiting my mom.  We had so much fun going thrift store shopping and touring the region.  One of the places we toured was Memphis, Tennessee - we went to Graceland and also to the Victorian Village where we got to take a tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine Victorian Mansion.
This mansion used to be the home of the Woodruff and Fontaine families, and it was also an art school, before it was restored and turned into a Victorian House Museum.
 The home was absolutely beautiful! <3

 The museum didn't have that many belongings of the Woodruff-Fontaine families so they relied on donations of Victorian artifacts from various sources to fill the museum. 
 The window in this photo adjoins the living/entertaining room with a musician's room.  The window opens so the music can be heard by all of the guests.
 The piano keys were made of mother of pearl instead of ivory or bone.

I took so many photos that I loaded them onto a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.
Stay tuned for part 2 of the tour.

Myria <3

Monday, August 18, 2014

Don't Forget to Enter My Anniversary Giveaway

In my previous post I blogged about my annual giveaway but I've been slacking at getting the word out!  (Being on vacation is hard work).  Anyhoo, don't for get to enter and tell your friends too.   You could win this lovely ring

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Beloved Bijou Adornments' 4 Year Anniversary Celebration

Hello readers,
It's that time of year again to celebrate my anniversary.  Beloved Bijou Adornments is four years old this month!

I'm spending 1/2 of August on vacation in Arkansas, enjoying the greenery and the thrift shopping ♡

I'm staying at my mom's house. Here is a photo of one of her thrift shop finds - a cute shabby chic lawn couch and terrarium.


Coming from a place like New Mexico, where antiques are more rare because of the harsh dry climate, means that they are more expensive. 


I am having my annual Anniversary Giveaway!
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