Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charity Raffle

Hello Friends, Family, and Customers,

As the holiday season approaches, a group of mommy bloggers are organizing a "Spread The Warmth" social media campaign, to help raise awareness and funds for Embrace. EMBRACE is a social enterprise saving the lives of vulnerable infants in developing countries, through an innovative, low cost infant warmer that costs less than 1% of a traditional incubator.

The "Spread The Warmth" raffle will run from Oct 31st to Nov 13th, and I have agreed to participate by donating my "Snowflake Doily" necklace to be raffled off.

I am encouraging you to enter in the charity giveaway by donating $10 towards Embrace. Each additional $5 donation after that will equal one more entry to participate in the raffle of the prizes.

Here is the link to the Charity Raffle.

Additional donations have also been received and are as follows: 
Spread The Warmth Scentsy Party being hosted by Sally from Exploits of a Military Mama. She is running a party during our event (Oct 30th -Nov 12th) and is donating 100% of her profits to for any products sold during that time. Simply go to her site*, underneath her information there will be a section called My Open Parties. Make sure you buy from "Spread The Warmth party to ensure your purchase will benefit

Good luck to those of you who participate in this raffle. 
Everyone please share this blog post!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interview of Maja Lindgren

Dearest readers,
Today I am interviewing Maja Lindgren - fused glass jewelry artist.

My art/craft is handmade jewelry but I am also starting to hand paint T-shirts when time allows. I was a home furnishings textile designer for several years but was laid off many years ago due to company shut downs. I also studied graphic design, jewelry fabrication and somehow found a job with a couple in NYC helping to run their jewelry business. This is where I picked up speed and interest in making my own jewelry. Their jewelry is very expensive whereas mine is quite inexpensive. I worked for them for 4 years. I have been interested in making jewelry for the last 6 years or so. Glass is another medium I am very interested in working with and pursuing further so have been taking classes in fusing and lamp working as well. I want to incorporate more glass in my work for the future!

Right now a lot of my jewelry is made with stones, coral, and crystals and I combine the materials by wire wrapping them in sterling silver or silver plated non tarnish wire. It is easy to make these pieces at home and without a real studio. I am hoping to join a collective towards the end of the summer where I can explore glass further.

Favorite materials are: glass, metal, stones, crystal beads, sterling silver wire

Hand painted Tshirts is another area I would like to explore. I did study graphic design and have an interest in that field as well. I enjoy coming up with my own whimsical characters and they kind of work well as handpainted characters on Tshirts.

My two favorite shops on etsy are:  and
I think these two shops are my favorites because their work is very whimsical and different than most. They really have their own style and they are making a lot of sales which is what I want to aspire to.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interview of Peggy Li Creations

It's that time again for another awesome interview of some awesome jewelry!  Her work is absolutely adorable :-)
Here's what she had to say~
What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
I created handmade beaded jewelry and have been doing it since I was a teenager. As a business, I've Peggy Li Creations for about 10 years now!

What got you started?
Pretty typical story -- I saw a necklace in a store that I couldn't afford but loved, so I decided to make it for myself. After wearing the jewelry around work and having folks ask for me to make some for them, I thought to myself that maybe it could be a business.

Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why?
I love cooking and writing. I'd love to learn more about photography, because I am so terrible at it!

What are your favorite materials to use?
I love sterling silver, 14k gold (when I can afford to use it), and semi-precious stones. There is nothing else like the colors found in nature.

What and/or who inspires you?
I'm inspired by nature and fashion. I love the jewelry work of Melissa Joy Manning, Ten Thousand Things and Robert Lee Morris. 

Customers receive a 15% off coupon when they sign up for my email newsletter:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview of Anastasia Savenko

Today I'm interviewing Anastasia Savenko, a promising jewelry artist.  Here is what she had to say:
Hi Myria!
Thank you so much for your interest, I am very glad to participate in your blog

What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
I am second year in making jewelry; it's very exciting to be in the beginning of the way, so many new experiences ahead of me.
What got you started?
A friend recommended me to try jewelry making. I always had an urged to draw, took different art courses, wanted to create stuff. I see carving things out of wax as a sculpture variety. Those rings and bracelets that I make out of precious metals will last well past my lifetime and it's a great feeling, I want to leave my mark behind.

Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why?
I can't wait to learn enameling techniques and also glass fusion. Would love to do some clay sculpture again and maybe wood carving. I enjoy working in three dimensions.
What are your favorite materials to use?
I love to dig into a block of jeweler's wax and bring out a piece; there is no limitation besides Physics laws. It's a very rewarding process as I see it, it takes time and skill but I enjoy the challenge. Some people prefer crafts with immediate gratification but I surprise myself when it comes to carving, since in day to day life I am not a patient person at all. Sometimes it takes several months from idea in my head to a jewelry piece one can wear.

What and/or who inspires you?
Japanese art of Meiji Period, Ancient Assyrian bas reliefs and Art Nouveau, I want to be the next Rene Lalique, not original at all.
Water fascinates me. We can see it in three different states as clouds, fluid and ice. I am yet to incorporate frozen water in my jewelry, but I definitely see it coming.
Do you have a Coupon Code? 
10%off for customers if they mention this blog

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interview of Colleen Reynolds

Hi Myria

Thanks for replying! See my answers below. And Thank YOU for being interested. I look forward to seeing your article.

What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it? Fine art, painting. I started painting in 1992 by taking an oil painting class at The Old Torpedo Factory turned art center in Alexandria, Virginia. I was in the US Navy at the time and needed a diversion from the stress of the job. But I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.

What got you started? My mother taught art classes and always had a ton of reference materials in our home. My father also entertained "the troops" by drawing elaborate cartoon stories. The first time I remember drawing myself, I was about 7 or 8 years old. My brothers and me made a game of drawing cartoon animals. I remember especially liking the bunnies. In my teenage years I switched to horses and people, especially pretty faces of young women. I illustrated a Horse Club pamphlet when I was twelve. I had a friend in junior high and high school, Pam Hardell, who also liked to draw. We would take our sketch books to the park and draw the people and animals we saw. I think we were pretty good then. I wish I still had the sketch books.

Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why? Yes, about a million. But my budget doesn't allow it. Ha! Actually, I have begun to really admire encaustic works of art. Encaustic is painting and/or glazing with wax.

What are your favorite materials to use? I paint in oil, watercolor and acrylic. I simply cannot decide which is my favorite. They all three have their advantages and limitations. What I paint with on any given day is mood dependent. I teach watercolor classes because I like to surround myself with older (50+) ladies, and they tend to gravitate to watercolor. Plus my studio classroom is also my showroom, and watercolor is not as damaging to my studio environment as the other two media.

What and/or who inspires you? I have many inspirations. I love to people watch and I adore communing with our fellow furry, scaled and feathered inhabitants. I also enjoy investigating anything that grows in my husband's garden and/or flower pots. So I guess my theme for art is "Life in Bloom." It kind of covers all my "go to" subject matter.

The painters I study and admire are many, but briefly: I follow a blog by artist, Kathy Weber, of Rhode Island She paints in oil. I like her figurative and architectural works. I am taking a workshop this fall from LA artist, Jennifer A McChristian
I really admire Thomas Schaller's watercolor paintings as well as the exquisite flower paintings of Lian Quan Zhen My local mentor are oil painters, Melodie Williams,, and Bonnie Posselli,, of Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm still searching for an acrylic painter. I actually bought a book by a wonderful acrylic painter, but I can't find it right now, and I can't remember his name.

Etsy Shop:

Interview of Anthropoloca Jewelry

Today's interview is of Jessica at Anthropoloca Jewelry.  She does some very intense and beautiful necklaces using the good old fashioned macrame technique.  This is not your mother's macrame! 

I love the one with the crystal which was stolen at one of her craft shows - so if you see anyone wearing it they acquired it ILLEGALLY!!!  I give you permission to kick their butts ;-)

Here's what she had to say~

Hey Myria! Thank you so much--I am so excited to be posted on your blog!!!

I am the owner and designer of Anthropoloca Jewelry, which is a line of unique macrame, wire-worked, and crocheted pieces inspired by my extensive travels in South America.  I started learning nearly 7 years ago with a tiny macrame collar for a pet kitten, and the process continues to this day!  

I basically started to make jewelry as a way to keep travelling. I arrived in Ecuador with a 9 month ticket, and realized very quickly that wasn't going to be enough time for me to explore and travel as I wished--with plenty of time. At first, I did work exchanges and homestays, but gradually began to learn the art of macrame  and wire-working from the artisans who live, travel, and sell on the streets of South America. As I learned more and gained more confidence, I slowly began selling my wares. It eventually became the primary means I used to get through 10 different countries in the 4 years that I ended up staying.

I would love to take some classes on silver smithing and more intensive jewelling techniques that include using a torch. I feel I could expand the Anthropoloca line by leaps and bounds if I could add this element to my work! I also would love to know how to use a sewing machine--I don't have the patience to do it by hand!

I love using natural materials--seeds, stones, bones, teeth, shells, fossils,feathers--my travels allowed me to see so many amazing places and realize how many inspiring and beautiful materials mother nature provides as a source of inspiration. I am constantly on the lookout for the next little treasure that will become my next piece. That said, my favorite macrame thread is the  Brazilian polyester waxed thread by Setta--its amazing. It comes in every color imaginable, is resilient, color fast, and allows one to play endlessly with design and form. I do occasionally use natural fibers such as linen and hemp for my macrame, but Setta is truly my favorite. I also love using recycled leather and copper (I often can be found stripping the outer plastic off of wires I've found!)--both of which have a great funky element to them.

Mother nature--I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't see something that gives me an idea or inspiration--whether its an incredible sunset that paints the sky or a solitary red berry standing out on a bush--I always remember that there is no color man has created that does not exist in nature.And of course, so many amazing artisans that I met along the way, who inspired me and continue to do so to this day--Martin and Ugne are incredible--their use of color is impeccable,as are their and Nicole and Gerardo, two dear friends who crossed my path many a time down south--their work is as beautiful as it is original :

Check out my websites:

Thank you loyal readers for supporting the handmade world!
<3 Myria

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview of Lindsay Lein

I have another fabulous interview for you dear readers.  You're going to <3 her work because I know I do!  Meet Lindsay Lein ~

She says~

What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
I design and make jewelry. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember, probably since I was about seven years old.

What got you started?
My ex-stepfather worked for the phone company and had a van full of wires that were every color of the rainbow. I loved to mix and match the wires, twisting and tying them into different designs. Then in grade school macrame friendship bracelets were all the rage and I sold my first pieces to classmates.

Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why?
Quilting. I have always admired quilters and have thought about taking that up as a hobby but I know it gets really expensive and every quilt is a time-consuming project....I don't know if I have enough patience or money for that!

What are your favorite materials to use?
I love vintage crystal buttons and costume jewelry from the 40s and 50s that I can take apart and refashion. I also love wire, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, brass filigree, and pearls of all varieties whether real or faux.

What and/or who inspires you?
Etsy artists really inspire me as do all the creative gals I work with at a beading/jewelry craft store. I also love browsing flea markets and antique shops for interesting pieces that spark my imagination.

Etsy Shop:
Blog: (under construction)
Facebook: Lindsay Lein

I hope you enjoyed this week's interview and stay tuned for more artists and crafts people that I consider to be a cut above.

<3 Myria

Monday, August 8, 2011

Interview of Shanis Jewellery

Once again I have discovered another awesome artist.  I love her chic and simple use of lace in her jewelry!  I think you will agree that this is haute couture :-)

Shani says - Thank you for this nice opportunity.

Q.  What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
A.  I create silver jewellery with semiprecious stones, sometimes combining them
with other materials like leather and lace. My designs can be romantic, mystic
or very clean and can fit people with different styles. I make custom designed
pieces from other metals as well. I love working on custom designs and involve
clients in design process. From time to time I also give jewellery making
courses in my studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Q.  What got you started?
A.  It's started with a lost earring. I have borrowed a pair of silver earrings from
my friend and one got lost. I couldn't find the same in any shop and decided to
make a new one by myself. Fortunately it was just a simple wire work. I went to
a local jewellery suppliers shop where I was amazed by variety of stones, silver
details, chains and interesting tools.
I made the earring and gave it back to my friend admitting that it was made by
me. She was very impressed and asked me to make a matching necklace for her.
That's how I discovered this profession.

Q.  Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If
so, why?
A.  I really would like to try some crochet and engraving. I like ornaments and I
think these two techniques can add an extra esthetic value to my designs.

Q.  What are your favorite materials to use?
A.  It really depends on the project. I usually start with an idea
and carefully choose materials that fit my concept and design. I like to
experiment with non-traditional materials. For example, I dip lace in
transparent rubber and create "Lace stones" for setting.

Q.  What and/or who inspires you?
A.  I often visit jewellery exhibitions and trade shows. There you can always meet
new designers and get updated in jewellery trends, technologies and stones. This
summer I went to very inspiring Jewellery week in London.

Q.  Do you have a Coupon Code for your Etsy Shop and/or website?
A.  Yes, I have a Coupon Code with 15% discount. This the code 519427SJ. I have also
free basic shipping.

Etsy Shop:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Interview of Made of Carpet

It's interview day!  Irina with Made of Carpet has introduced me to her WONDERFUL carpet bags.  These are literally made out of rugs!  For those of you who know me personally know that I am a purse-a-holic, so hopefully I will be able to use the wonderful discount that Irina has given us for a new bag :-)

NOTE to readers:  Irina is giving away a 50-pound Gift Certificate to one lucky person!  Comment below to enter the drawing.
Q.  What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
A.  I design and completely supervise manufacturing of large Victorian vintage-style tote Carpet bags.
Because my bags are made not from a velvet- or velour-kind fabric or thin tapestry, but from real thick piled Oriental rugs that originally have been made to be used for their intended purpose, I had to adapt and update 150-years old Victorian technology of Carpet bags craft to be used today. It probably seems pretty simple but in reality there are plenty of tricks and pitfalls.
Rugs are also made especially for my purposes – they do not have anti-slippery cover but have couple of other special features (if I tell you which, I would have to kill you. Just kidding! J ), but it took nearly 8 months to figure out first of all what type of modern rugs will do the job and then find right adequate supplier. Considering that all my bags and materials they are made of manufactured in European Union and this was one of my main intentions (can you imagine Victorian-style bags, made in China? Ha-ha!), it was not easy.
I am not actually big fun of handmade products (except Savile Row level of quality, of course) that is why my bags are of the highest manufacturing quality standard.
The collection is very new – it is only 3.5 months old.

Q.  What got you started?
A.  Bags are my big (no, HUGE!) passion and I always wanted to create them, but I never had time and appropriate conditions - been a gipsy somewhere deep in my soul, I lived in six countries on three continents, until finally settled on our little rainy island, widely known as Great Britain. It was quite far back – one husband ago – but only now I managed to get deep enough to create a brand.
As to particular Carpet bags, besides they are beautiful and very pleasant to touch, I also don't have much (if any at all) competitors.

Q.  Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why?
A.  Honestly? NO! I've spent 17 years as a Graphic Designer for print (and still do it yet) to be able to pay my living. Enough! No more client's amateur tests and filthy "visions".
I love bags, especially fuzzy ones. I have an idea of bags made of fringe, but it will be next level of my business and most probably different brand.

Q.  What are your favorite materials to use?
A.  Carpet so far.

Q.  What and/or who inspires you?
An inspiration mainly came from the Victorian Era's fashion and art. Here in Britain, even today, we experience a huge influence of that past – bridges and furniture, architecture and patterns... all come from there. Not to mention the achievements of [industry] of that time.
Then my inspiration was replenished with the impression of such charismatic literature characters as Mary Poppins and Miss Marple.
And finally the elegance and romance of the key style icons of the sixties, such as for example Jacquie O, to complete the picture.
Q.  Do you have a Coupon Code for your website?
A.  Yes I do! I have Voucher code line on Basket page of my online store
The codes vary and right now, till end of July we have summer birdie discount for 20 British Pounds (approximately 30 USD), code is MoC-Sum11.
Free delivery – 30 British Pounds. Code will be created tonight and will be Myria-BBA  This code will be valid till the end of August.
 As I mentioned before - Irina is giving away a 50-pound Gift Certificate to one lucky person! 
Comment below +1 entry
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Good luck! <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview of Uniqlets Jewelry

Hello Readers,
I'm back again with my weekly artist interview.  Today I will feature Lisa with Uniqlets Jewelry.  I love her stuff - especially her bracelets!  She uses vintage and antique odds and ends (and BUTTONS!) to create truly unique statement pieces.  I think you will enjoy her work and her story :-)

Q.  What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
A.  I make jewelry using vintage/antique materials from the Victorian era through the 1970's I have been doing it on and off for about 15 years and the look of my pieces has evolved over time. It was mainly a hobby for most of that time, I started my web site this year.

Q.  What got you started?
A.  I began by making vintage button bracelets. My grandmother sewed all of her life and saved any interesting buttons. When she died, I wanted to do something with her buttons because they were attached to so many memories. I don't make clothing, but I love jewelry so the solution was obvious.

Q.  What are your favorite materials to use?
A.  I like using a mixture of materials and to try to stick with things that are vintage and re purposed. I still use a lot of buttons in a wide variety of materials including bakelite, carved glass and wood. Now I like to make my designs more interesting by also using old jewelry parts, game pieces, buckles and anything with an interesting form, texture and color.

Q.  What and/or who inspires you? 
A.  I am inspired by the bold vintage jewelry that I have been collecting for many years. The other inspiration comes from the materials. The designs come from what I see when I put them next to each other and play around. I also love to create custom pieces jumping off a customer's favorite look, colors or the look of a single earring or piece of broken jewelry that holds special memories.

Q.  Do you have a Coupon Code for your Etsy Shop and/or website?
A.  I am happy to offer a discount for readers of this blog.

The code BLOG will get the reader 15% off on any piece of my handcrafted jewelry. Shipping is free on anything priced more than $200.00

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interview of brandMOJO

Hello Readers,
This is the first of a series of interviews that I'm going to be doing on artists and craftspeople that I find to be exceptionally interesting.  I hope you will feel the same :-)
Today you will read the interview of Marisa of brandMOJO Images:
Q.  What is your art/craft and how long have you been doing it?
A.  I started taking pictures when I was a kid with my Polaroid Rainbow SX-70. Fast forward through many years, many various cameras and many excursions to today. I have been shooting professionally for over 13 years, both fine art and commercial photography.  

Q.  What got you started? 

A.  I took a Photo 101 course in college which led me to start working as a photojournalist at the college paper. I loved the thrill of being in the mix of capturing life as it happened. Being in the right spot at the right time. This continues to be a common thread among all of my photos: being in the moment. I rarely stage my photos, but rather I move myself to get just the right image. 

Q.  Are there any other arts and crafts that you would like to try your hand at? If so, why? 
A.  I would love to start working with wood. My husband builds fine furniture (brandMOJO Interiors) and has slews of scrap wood for me. My goal for this year is to decoupage my photos onto wood, to build birdhouses, to carve burl bowls, and anything else I can tackle. Nothing is as cathartic as getting immersed in an art project.

Q.  What are your favorite materials to use? 
A.  I absolutely love using vintage and antique cameras to take black and white photographs. They were used before color film was the norm and they create detail that is so tactile. I do tend to use my Nikon D90 to photograph most things now, as films are getting harder to come by. But my favorite black and white film is Agfa Scala, a gorgeous slide film.  

Q.  What and/or who inspires you?
A.  I am inspired by so many current photographers and artists, there are too many to name, but those who I admire most are Henri Cartier Bresson, Lewis Hine, and W. Eugene Smith.

Q.  Do you have a Coupon Code for your Etsy Shop and/or website? 
A.  I tend to run select specials where a certain percentage of the sale of an image will go to a reputable non-profit, such as the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund and also Animal Rescue Kansai. 

Etsy Shop: brandMOJOimages (
Website:  [my new site is under construction, but here's my first one]  

Thank you so much for this great opportunity, Myria! 
The best to you as well. 
The warmest of regards,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vote for your June Favorite...

Hi ladies,
One of my necklaces was nominated again! :-)  (see below for the contest link)

I didn't win last time but maybe this time...
Please share with your friends/family.
Thank you!
Myria Mandell

Beloved Bijou Adornments & Accessories

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From: New Mexy Etsy Team Blog <>
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Vote for your June Favorite...

Charlie | July 6, 2011 at 8:40 pm | Tags: june, monthly design challenge, New Mexy Etsy, sunset | Categories: Monthly Challenge | URL:
Our New Mexy team members hit the studios hard to capture the beautiful New Mexican Sunsets in their craft. Here is what they produced:

[1] Upcycled Clay Necklace; [2]New Mexico Sunset Necklace; [3] Extreme Sunset Ripples Peyote Cuff; [4] Rising Urban Sun Vase
View Poll

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Tie Die

Back in the day...which would be the late 1980's & early 1990's, when I was obsessed with bleach dying the life out of my jeans (hey - it was cool...) I didn't really have a technique that I used.  Nope, just some good ole Clorox and a washing machine.  Sometimes I would tie the fabric in knots.

Recently I came across this awesome and easy technique for fashionable Tie Dye.
You’ll need:
- a 100% cotton black shirt (a Free People tee was used in the photos)
- a few cups of bleach
- a bucket
- a pair of gloves
- a few rubber bands
- 2 flat shaped objects used for binding

To make a grid-like pattern, fold the shirt like an accordion and bind it between two pieces of wood or other flat shaped objects. Hold the shirt in place by wrapping a series of rubber bands around the bind. Anything used to bind the clothing will prevent the bleach from penetrating, and the rest of the exposed fabric will bleach and turn color. Click here for more binding alternatives.

Before you start bleaching, make sure you are wearing gloves and working outdoors or in a well ventilated area. Dilute approximately 4 cups of bleach with 1 cup of water. Submerge the shirt into the bleach for only a couple of seconds. Watch it very carefully because depending on the thread count of the clothing, the color can turn very quickly and the bleach may start to erode the fabric. As soon as the black transforms into a rusty brown color, immediately remove it from the bleach. Give it a quick rinse, unbind it, and then hang it. (Click images to enlarge)

The rusty brown color will slowly fade into a beautiful lighter shade as it begins to set. Once its dry, wash the shirt in a washing machine.

Your reverse bleach tie dye shirt is ready to wear!


images by HonestlyWTF
I found this DIY HERE

Here are some more awesome images for inspiration

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I Love Series - Craft Spaces

So, I'm currently working on my craft space.  It used to be my front porch but in early 2007 I had it converted to a cute little sun room.  I used to have my craft room in the basement but 1.  I rented out my basement and 2.  I wanted some more sunlight!

I love this space, in spite of it's space constraints, and I am really enjoying getting decorating ideas.
Here are some of my inspirations.

This is an ADORABLE craft armoire thingie - love it!

Here's another cute!!!

Check out the rest of my craft space inspirations on Pintrest
And stay tuned for photos of my sun room.  I'm almost done!  :-)
Love, Myria

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Beloved Bijou Giveaway

I am very excited to announce that Your Golden Ticket Blog is hosting a $15 Beloved Bijou Gift Certificate giveaway!  In addition to the giveaway they are reviewing one of my pieces of jewelry so you will be able to read what they have to say about it.

Click HERE to enter the drawing.  Act fast because the drawing is on June 15th!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adorable Paper Punched Easter Eggs

Was surfing the net for cool stuff - like I usually do when I ran across this awesome and EASY tutorial for the Paper Punched Easter Egg

I got really excited because I recently bought a bunch of awesome scrap booking paper at Tuesday Morning for $1.99 - $2.99 PER PACKAGE!  I spent like $60...

Anyway, this project is so easy and fun.  All you need is:
Styrofoam eggs
Head Pins
5/8" Paper Punch
Decorative Paper (I also think it would be fun to use recycled wrapping paper)
I found this awesome project at Nikki, In Stitches

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Contests and Giveaways - Easter 2011

Hello readers,

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I'm going to be participating in a giveaway on The Mom and Dad Reviews.  Be sure to click on the image and enter the giveaway.  You could win a fabulous Beloved Bijou Adornment or Accessory!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Beloved Bijou Giveaway

Hello readers!
I forgot to mention that I'm doing a giveaway on my Facebook Fan Page. 

To enter simply go to and become a fan. 
Then go to the discussions tab and click on the Contest for March link or simply click HERE and reply to the post. 
A winner will be chosen at random and will have their choice of a pair of earrings, brooch, charm pin, or key chain/zipper pull.  If I get enough entries I might even do 2 drawings!

You can also increase your chances by doing the any of following (please be sure to comment below with the links to these bonuses to redeem your additional entries):

Tweet about this blog post (+1 entry)
Blog about this blog post and/or my Beloved Bijou Adornments & Accessories (+2 entries)
Post a link to my Facebook Fan Page on your Facebook page (+1 entry)
Make a purchase from my Etsy Shop or Facebook Fan Page (+2 entries)

Thank you for your support and Good Luck! <3

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Seed Gift Tags

These are so awesome! Not only are they pretty but they are fully functional and eco friendly. They are handmade gift tags with flower seeds embedded into the paper. Once you are done with the tag you just plant it and voila! Flowers!

To make the screen you will need:
6-12 Wide Craft Sticks (like tongue depressors)
Craft Glue
1 or 2 pieces of mesh or screen about 6″x6″
Electrical Tape

To make the paper you will need:
4-6 pieces of used white computer paper, construction paper, art paper, newspaper or junk mail
small flower seeds
hemp twine (optional)
ground cinnamon, lavender buds, or any other fragrant herb or spice (optional)
dried flower petals (optional)
a blender

Click Here to read the rest of the tutorial.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Video - How to Unravel An Old Sweater For The Yarn

I found this awesome video when I was Stumbling. What do you do when you find an old sweater with fabulous yarn in beautiful colors but the pattern is boring and/or dated? Unravel it! Check it out:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY Handmade Cloth Diapers

I recently had a baby girl named Azalea Luz. She is now 3 1/2 months old. While I was pregnant with her I ran across these new fitted cloth diapers. I remember playing with my baby doll as a child and putting my old cloth diapers on her...folding them just right and trying to pin them so they stay on tight. I can't imagine having to do this on a squirming baby! I immediately fell in love with them but on one of the online shops they actually sell them for over $50 EACH! I almost choked!

After some more research I found this tutorial for making your own fitted cloth diapers.  Click HERE to view this tutorial.

I really like this tutorial because you can incorporate recycled fabric to save money but you can also customize the fabric on the outside using any color or print your heart desires!

However, if you don't know how to sew, or don't have the time, you can purchase some really cute, inexpensive, and practical ones on Etsy.
Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Re-usable Diaper - No Diaper Cover Needed!

Fitted Diapers (no image available at this time)

Diaper Covers

All three of these Etsy Shops are really reasonably priced with a variety of sizes and prints.  I <3 these!