Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine Victorian Mansion - Part 1

Hello readers!

I recently spent 2 weeks in Arkansas visiting my mom.  We had so much fun going thrift store shopping and touring the region.  One of the places we toured was Memphis, Tennessee - we went to Graceland and also to the Victorian Village where we got to take a tour of the Woodruff-Fontaine Victorian Mansion.
This mansion used to be the home of the Woodruff and Fontaine families, and it was also an art school, before it was restored and turned into a Victorian House Museum.
 The home was absolutely beautiful! <3

 The museum didn't have that many belongings of the Woodruff-Fontaine families so they relied on donations of Victorian artifacts from various sources to fill the museum. 
 The window in this photo adjoins the living/entertaining room with a musician's room.  The window opens so the music can be heard by all of the guests.
 The piano keys were made of mother of pearl instead of ivory or bone.

I took so many photos that I loaded them onto a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.
Stay tuned for part 2 of the tour.

Myria <3

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