Saturday, December 21, 2013

Being A Working Mom

So I have spent the morning reading the blogs that I follow and reveling in the beauty and perfection of all of the home decor photos and craft spaces.
I realized that I have yet to follow a blog that is written by a woman that I can truly identify with. A crafty working mom who is trying to juggle work,  parenting,  side craft business,  chores,  and home repairs,  etc.
I am planning on tackling these dishes shortly but before I did I just wanted to post this shout out to all you ladies out there who, like me, are struggling to keep it together.
Keep your chin up!   Take it a minute at a time.
^.^  Myria


Heather said...

Hi Myria, my name is Heather. I love your blog! I have a quick question for you if you wouldn’t mind emailing me when you get a chance. Thanks!

Myria - Beloved Bijou said...

@Heather: Hi Heather, You can send me a message on Facebook at http://www.facebook.con/belovedbijou. Thanks!