Saturday, July 4, 2015

DIY Alcohol Ink

Hello Dearest Ones,

Today I'd like to share my experience with making my own Alcohol Inks. I've used the Ranger Alcohol Inks in the past and I really like them a lot! They're permanent and they dry really fast, so they're great for adding color to shiny plastics and metals.

Search my blog's materials category to see how I used them to change the color of some metal charms.

Anyhoo, I got the idea to make my own Alcohol Inks from Alisa Burke - an artist and blogger that I just adore! <3  She wrote a post titled "Kids Markers - Tips and Tricks for Adults".  In the article she says that you can make watercolors and alcohol inks out of dried out Crayola Markers!  OMG that's right up my alley - and to think I've been throwing them away when my daughter leaves the cap off.  Doh!

So, to make your own you will need a dried out marker, rubbing alcohol, and a container to put the ink in.  Today I'm going to use an empty spray bottle, so I can spritz the ink out if I want.

For starters I peeled the label off my bottle.

Then I got some pliers to pull the end cap off of the marker. 

I put the ink tube into my bottle. 

And added the rubbing alcohol. 

Nothing much happened right away so I got the idea to pull the marker tip off too!  
After I added that in, the ink REALLY started to bleed out into the alcohol. 

After a few moments it looked like this!  Awesome!  Keep in mind that Alisa says to leave them soaking overnight for the best results. 

I was so pleased with the black ink that I decided to proceed with some hot pink. 

I actually had to break the end cap off of the marker in order to get the ink tube out.  I then used needle nose pliers to pluck out the remaining pieces of plastic and pull out the tube. 

I put in the tube and marker tip and added in the rubbing alcohol.  I only filled it about half way because the tube was shorter than the 1st one.
I had ink on my fingers from touching the black marker's tip and some of it bled onto the pink marker tip so, be sure to wash your hands in-between markers!

Here is what they looked like after a few minutes.  
As I said, let soak overnight for the best results. 

Hope you liked this post!  Stay tuned because on Saturday, July 11th I'll be hosting a Mad Tea Party and Needle Felting Party.  I will be sharing the photos of my event and I can't wait to see what you think!

Here is the event invite:

And here is a photo of our craft project:

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