Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mad Tea Party with A Fanciful Twist AND Needle Felting Class

Hello My Lovelies,

I have been eagerly waiting for this day to arrive and it's finally here!  My Mad Tea Party and Needle Felting Class.  The tea party is hosted by Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist.  Be sure to visit her blog, as well as the blogs of the other tea party hosts.

I'm waiting awhile to prep completely for my tea party.  I want the tea to be hot and the macaroons to be fresh!  But don't worry - tomorrow I will post all of the photos of the tea party and needle felting class.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share my collection of tea/coffee/hot chocolate ware with you.
In my kitchen, above my cabinets, I have a nice space to display my sets.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Alice in Wonderland


Here is my Bavarian Hot Cocoa set that I inherited from my grandmother. 

I picked up this coffee pot, tea pot, and creamer at various thrift shops 

Here is another set that I inherited from my Grandmother.  A biscuit jar, cup and saucer, creamer cup, and coffee pot.  It's not all one set but they compliment each other nicely.  
Perfect for spoiling yourself on a chilly morning.  

It's chipped - like most things that are well loved - all the more reason to use it!


My mom bought this set for my birthday this year.  We got it at an Antique Shop that is in an old school house in Arkansas.  I fell in love with it when I saw it.  It is hand painted and signed.  The woman who did this did an excellent job!  

My 2 of my handmade tiered party plates, and 1 vintage one.  I'll be using the one on the left for my tea party so you'll see better photos of that one.

I picked these Bailey's Irish Coffee cups, sugar, and creamer up at Things Etc., an indoor flea market in Albuquerque.  Got a screaming deal on these.  I have 4 cups total plus the sugar and creamer.  I was so excited that I was able to complete the set during one shopping trip!  A couple of different vendors had all of the pieces that made up my set.  
It was meant to be!

So cute! 

Here is my party setup.

Upcycled tiered party plate - made by me! 

I'll be serving the flowering green tea in a clear teapot.  I have a nice tea cozy that I swapped for at a craft show.  It works great!  I highly recommend getting a tea cozy. 

My creamer cup that I a fellow vendor at Antiques and Things gave me - not the same pattern as the tea set that I'm using but VERY close. 

My cups and saucers.  These also used to belong to my grandma.  
The pattern is Haviland Apple Blossom

My craft studio - it has enough seating for 9 people. 

The needle felting class kits. 

I'll be showing my students the various needle felting tools and how to use them.  
Plus show them how to craft on a budget.

Each student will get to choose a cup and saucer with which to make their pin cushion for the class.
(The swan one is mine)

And this is what we'll be making.  Needle felted latte pin cushion.
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Thank you for reading!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.  I'll be sharing photos of the party and the final products of the craft class.


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