Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Purse of the Week...or month. Whatever.

Hello Readers,

I haven't been keeping up on my purse rotation and I want to apologize for that.  I'm SORRY!  Geez.
Anyway, the last time I changed out my purse was in November, when I switched to a Katharina Leuzinger LeSportsac.  I have since switched purses 2 times.

The first one was this cute cross body LeSportsac with a cute little kitty in her dressing room.  This bag came with a makeup bag, which is awesome.  I'm still using my Lily Bloom cupcake wallet.

I love the versatility!  The strap is designed so that you can switch between a shoulder bag and cross body.  Two compartments on the front for keys and cell phone.  There are several more inside and one on the back.

I can't even stand how cute this print is!

Once I got tired of that one I switched to this BFREE Artist In Residence LeSportsac and a vintage woodland creature LeSportsac makeup bag.  I bought both of these on Ebay.

Cute!  Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, owls, birds = love <3

They've done it again.  This bag goes from cross body to shoulder bag to handbag.  I love the cool kitschy faces and bright colors.

"The world is ours"


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