Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mysterious Japanese Candy from Kawaii Box

Hello Kawaii Buddies,

I am a lover of all things kawaii and so I subscribe to Kawaii Box.  It is fun for is fun for my daughter, although I have to make sacrifices and let her have things that I really want to keep for myself...but hey - that's what parenting is all about.

Anyway, in this month's package we received a package of some sort of mysterious Japanese candy.  At first glance, during my daughters frenzied attempt to claim the candy as her own, I thought it was going to be some Japanese version of Peeps marshmallow candy but no I was wrong.  So wrong.

So I open it only to discover that the package contains a tray, a spoon, and 3 packets of some mystery ingredients.

So, I flip the package over only to discover that the instructions are in Japanese.

Thank goodness for photo instructions!

Step 1:  Pour packet 1 into left section of tray and add water using the tiny detachable measuring cup

Step 2:  Add contents of packet 2 to the tray and mix using spoon
(she was so excited to help make it)

Step 3:  Add contents of packet 3 to 2nd section of the tray

Time to eat!  Would you eat it?  We did.  The whipped stuff tasted like a combination of fizz-less sour grape pop rocks and nerds, and the crushed up candy tasted like grapefruit.  It was pretty intense.  
I couldn't read the ingredients so I only let her have a few small spoonfuls and I ate the rest.

I love Japan.

Myria <3

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