Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY Vintage Handkerchief Pennant Banner - No Sew

Hello my cutesie-tootsies,

I just did a fun and easy decor project in my craft studio that I thought I would share with you.
Over the years I have amassed quite the collection of vintage handkerchiefs.  I had ironed, neatly folded, and stored them in a lingerie drawer for a couple of years.  I recently decided, now that I have this space, to display them.

This is the way that I did it. 

I tied some ribbon to my ceiling fan and tied the other ends to my curtain holders - also ribbons.  

 My mom had purchased several rolls of ribbon second hand for really cheap so I've been using them for ALL SORTS of things.

I used a tailor's tape measure to see how much ribbon I needed.  I tied one end of the tape measure to the ceiling fan and pulled it across the room to the top of the curtains.  I added a few inches so I could have extra for tying.  Cut and hang.  Simple.

 I used mini-clothespins that I purchased at Tuesday Morning and just folded the hankies diagonally.  Boom!  Done.

They are so beautiful - I love vintage craftsmanship! 

I also added some paper pennant banners to my loft lookout, as well as more hankies.  

Comment if you would like for me to post a video on how to make the paper ones too!  
They are super easy.

My ribbon rolls

I also displayed some of my hand-stamped handkerchiefs. 

This is a fun and easy, no sew, way to spruce up some plain hankies.

You have to be really careful and comfortable with stamping before doing this though.

Because it is easy to ruin the handkerchief with a badly stamped image.

Take this one for example - I accidentally stamped one of these Alice in Wonderland images on the wrong side of the handkerchief.  Whoops!  Luckily the fabric is very thin and my image is very dark so it isn't too obvious.

To stamp handkerchiefs you will need some of this Ranger Archival Ink.  It is acid free, permanent, and waterproof.  It is permanent like a sharpie so there is no going back one you've started!

But it is worth it.


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