Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interview of Anthropoloca Jewelry

Today's interview is of Jessica at Anthropoloca Jewelry.  She does some very intense and beautiful necklaces using the good old fashioned macrame technique.  This is not your mother's macrame! 

I love the one with the crystal which was stolen at one of her craft shows - so if you see anyone wearing it they acquired it ILLEGALLY!!!  I give you permission to kick their butts ;-)

Here's what she had to say~

Hey Myria! Thank you so much--I am so excited to be posted on your blog!!!

I am the owner and designer of Anthropoloca Jewelry, which is a line of unique macrame, wire-worked, and crocheted pieces inspired by my extensive travels in South America.  I started learning nearly 7 years ago with a tiny macrame collar for a pet kitten, and the process continues to this day!  

I basically started to make jewelry as a way to keep travelling. I arrived in Ecuador with a 9 month ticket, and realized very quickly that wasn't going to be enough time for me to explore and travel as I wished--with plenty of time. At first, I did work exchanges and homestays, but gradually began to learn the art of macrame  and wire-working from the artisans who live, travel, and sell on the streets of South America. As I learned more and gained more confidence, I slowly began selling my wares. It eventually became the primary means I used to get through 10 different countries in the 4 years that I ended up staying.

I would love to take some classes on silver smithing and more intensive jewelling techniques that include using a torch. I feel I could expand the Anthropoloca line by leaps and bounds if I could add this element to my work! I also would love to know how to use a sewing machine--I don't have the patience to do it by hand!

I love using natural materials--seeds, stones, bones, teeth, shells, fossils,feathers--my travels allowed me to see so many amazing places and realize how many inspiring and beautiful materials mother nature provides as a source of inspiration. I am constantly on the lookout for the next little treasure that will become my next piece. That said, my favorite macrame thread is the  Brazilian polyester waxed thread by Setta--its amazing. It comes in every color imaginable, is resilient, color fast, and allows one to play endlessly with design and form. I do occasionally use natural fibers such as linen and hemp for my macrame, but Setta is truly my favorite. I also love using recycled leather and copper (I often can be found stripping the outer plastic off of wires I've found!)--both of which have a great funky element to them.

Mother nature--I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't see something that gives me an idea or inspiration--whether its an incredible sunset that paints the sky or a solitary red berry standing out on a bush--I always remember that there is no color man has created that does not exist in nature.And of course, so many amazing artisans that I met along the way, who inspired me and continue to do so to this day--Martin and Ugne are incredible--their use of color is impeccable,as are their and Nicole and Gerardo, two dear friends who crossed my path many a time down south--their work is as beautiful as it is original :

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<3 Myria

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