Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interview of Maja Lindgren

Dearest readers,
Today I am interviewing Maja Lindgren - fused glass jewelry artist.

My art/craft is handmade jewelry but I am also starting to hand paint T-shirts when time allows. I was a home furnishings textile designer for several years but was laid off many years ago due to company shut downs. I also studied graphic design, jewelry fabrication and somehow found a job with a couple in NYC helping to run their jewelry business. This is where I picked up speed and interest in making my own jewelry. Their jewelry is very expensive whereas mine is quite inexpensive. I worked for them for 4 years. I have been interested in making jewelry for the last 6 years or so. Glass is another medium I am very interested in working with and pursuing further so have been taking classes in fusing and lamp working as well. I want to incorporate more glass in my work for the future!

Right now a lot of my jewelry is made with stones, coral, and crystals and I combine the materials by wire wrapping them in sterling silver or silver plated non tarnish wire. It is easy to make these pieces at home and without a real studio. I am hoping to join a collective towards the end of the summer where I can explore glass further.

Favorite materials are: glass, metal, stones, crystal beads, sterling silver wire

Hand painted Tshirts is another area I would like to explore. I did study graphic design and have an interest in that field as well. I enjoy coming up with my own whimsical characters and they kind of work well as handpainted characters on Tshirts.

My two favorite shops on etsy are:  and
I think these two shops are my favorites because their work is very whimsical and different than most. They really have their own style and they are making a lot of sales which is what I want to aspire to.


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Anonymous said...

Her jewelry is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Mom