Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY - Toddler Sewing Cards

Hi My Beauties,

Following with the toddler antics theme, this week I will be discussing one way to keep your wees busy. 

When I was little I used to have a set of sewing cards.  They had cute animals on them and were about 5" x 7".  They were kind of like a perforated connect the dots, using yarn with tape on the end (like a shoelace) to "sew" the image.  My mom showed me how to use them and from then on I was hooked to sewing!

Recently, one day when I was trying to work in my craft room, and my daughter was being especially needy, so I decided to try to make a set for my her.  I didn't have all of the materials to make them like the ones that I used to have, so I just used some pretty 4" x 6" card stock and a stamp.

Note:  On the burgundy card I tried using a mini heart punch but realized 6 punches in that it wasn't going to work because it wouldn't reach!  Lesson learned.

First I picked my paper using the 4" x 6" Mariposa matstack.  I happened to have some ornate butterfly and dragonfly stamps to embellish it with.

Next, I used a tri-color stamp pad to stamp the butterfly.

I put the stamp face up and put the ink where I wanted it on the stamp.  I used a fading technique that I think came out pretty cool. 

I got my punch tool and foam mat.

I used a ruler to measure equal intervals between punches - approximately 1/4" between holes.

After this I took some wire cutters and an old embroidery needle.  I cut the tip off and filed it a bit so she won't poke her eye out when she tries to use it.  It could still be dangerous in little hands so be sure to emphasize to your littles that they need to be very careful!

The last step is to tie the thread onto the "first hole" of the card - or whatever you designate as the first hole.  I should have used embroidery thread, but you get the idea.

Needless to say, this kept her busy for a couple of hours while I worked.  Mission accomplished!

Rest assured that if I ever make an "actual" set of these I will post it for you all.

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