Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to: Clean Vintage Makeup Bags

Have you ever seen a really cool purse or makeup bag at the thrift shop but didn't buy it because it had makeup stains inside?

I recently had the idea to use the makeup remover wipes from Trader Joe's.

I got the idea when I was cleaning the bag in the first photo.

I hadn't really been using them on my face because I don't like the smell; but I realized they would be perfect for wiping out my cool vintage find. Here is the after photo.

I couldnt clean the spots at the very bottom because they are under the plastic. Otherwise I think it came out pretty clean.

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Melissa said...

I used to have that exact same make-up bag ;D Thanks for saying you didn't like the smell of the Trader Joe make-up remover clothes. I have been eyeing them~

Myria - Beloved Bijou said...

Haha! Small world. I just loved the cute print when I saw it so I had to get it