Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interview of Sevan Avakian

1.  My art/craft is a few, actually.  I paint, draw, hand carve in wax, handcraft jewelry and make art pieces in all types of metals.  I also create my own metals, cut gemstones in bullets and design.  I am a gemologist and enjoy mining for stonesI have been doing all this for over 25 years.

2.  My father was a wood craftsman and painter; thus, art is my blood.  I somewhat stumbled upon jewelry as an accident after my father forced me to not pursue my political interests at the university.

3.  Platinum, colored diamonds to create.  I use a mryiad of tools that are unusual for wax carving jewelry making that are my secret.

4.  My father:

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6.  refer to list below: