Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview of Nancy Helmer Designs

Today I am pleased to interview Nancy with Nancy Helmer Designs.  Here is what she had to say:

I started designing jewelry in 1995 quite by accident. I went with a  friend to a wholesale jewelry supply company and found some turquoise beads I liked. Next thing I knew, having asked how to make a necklace, the salesperson was helping me select more beads, beading supplies, and tools. So, one day, while wearing the turquoise necklace, someone asked to buy it. And the rest is history. I took several jewelry and design related classes as well as becoming a silversmith. My background includes several geology courses which have been invaluable to me when buying stones.

For several years, I was active selling in juried art shows, but tired of the long hours. Now I sell on Etsy, and through word of         mouth. Many of my clients have me design pieces to go with their new outfits, for special occasions, such as a charity gala or wedding, or … just because.
My other artistic passion of many years is photography. Recently, I switched from film to digital photography and am developing my style in digital art. So watch for that to surface in the future.
My favorite materials for jewelry are silver –both sterling and fine, semi-precious gems, minerals, fossils, and vintage elements.
Nature inspires my designs. How a stone speaks to me influences the final composition.
The Facebook page and blog are under construction. So for today, you can find me at:
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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more awesome artists and crafts people!
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I really enjoyed this post. Nancy work is very creative.