Monday, November 17, 2014

My New Store: Antiques and Things

Hello Dearests,

I recently blogged that I resigned from my job to pursue my arts and crafts (and other things).  Well that other thing is opening a booth at one of the best antiques stores in Albuquerque:  Antiques and Things

Recently, I've been working on perfecting my displays.  I especially need to figure out how I'm going to display my long necklaces...meanwhile those can still be found in my Storenvy shop.
I volunteer at the store 4 days per month, usually on Sundays so come see me if you are out and about!

I must say that it has been really hard not to buy up everything that I like.  I'm pretty proud of myself for being so disciplined because there are sooooo many awesome items at great prices.  Honestly I don't know why anyone would ever buy anything new/mass produced when they can come into one of these stores and buy something that is great quality and unique, for either the same price or a fraction of the price! 

Here are some photos of my favorite items in the shop.

This Etagere is Amazing!

 What a cute vanity <3  I used to have one just like it when I was a teenager.

Lady head vases and bling

Cool old tools that still work

That's a neat way to display old photos

My upcycled tea party tiered plates

My upcycled cloches

This is a really cool way to display vintage rolling pins #winerack

My upcycled vintage file cases

This is so cool - a basket made out of old rulers.

French provincial stuff

I love Anthropomorphic stuff!

I almost bought this for my daughter's Barbie clothes

 Lustreware, Milk Glass, and I LOVE that snack tray

 Fancy lamp

I LOVE this lady's booth!  So cute.

Adorable handmade pennant banners

I love her booth too!  Full of neat rustic decor items


And this too.  Very cool.

I almost bought this tray...

Sooo many cute little animals <3

Scotty dogs!  I almost bought the Carnival Glass one on the left.

Thread galore and teeny weeny bottles.  
I'd like to use those in my jewelry.

I love the vintage perfume and soap boxes - they still have the goods inside!

 A creepy jar of doll heads

Village canisters.  These are too cute!

Lots of Heywood Wakefield Furniture

Check out that adorable mid-century modern toddler table on the right

Frilly lace robe

Amazing masks!

I love Frieda <3

For your retro kitchen

Vintage cookie tins...oh the things I could store in those!

Rustic furniture

I think this is for practicing roping?  Or maybe not.

A cute little toddler chair with a couple of teddy bears sitting on it.  
I love the one on the left.  It is made out of gorgeous hard wood and super soft fur.

Upcycled Vintage Tablecloth made into a unique vest

Girly things

 Vinyl!  I'm actually surprised at how many people still buy albums

 I really like this old ironing board

Carnival Glass!  Swoon.

Skeleton Keys!  
I want to use these for my jewelry too...I also really like the way they are displayed

That is an excellent price for that Cookie Jar

What are those things?  Just kidding.
Cool old meat cleaver

Handmade vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy

Baby Christening outfit

I love the color of this little secretaire

Awesome upcycled armoire - they used mustache fabric!
Kate thinks this would be awesome in a barber shop

This booth has a plethora of Vintage Southwestern and Mexican goodies

Hope you liked!
Come visit me :-)  #shoplocal

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