Thursday, November 6, 2014

Purse Of The Week: Katharina Leuzinger LeSportsac

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In my last purse post I showed you my Coockoo for Harajuku tote and I ♡ Nerds makeup bag.

Purse Of The Week

Now I'm switching to a LeSportsac from the Artist in Residence series.  This one is by Katharina Leuzinger, a Swiss/Japanese artist, whose art style is fun, magical, cute, and swoon-worthy!

I was really excited to find this tote used on Ebay for not much money at all.


I was also able to find the matching cosmetic bag for cheap too!


It even still had the artist information tag!


Her style is reminiscent of Tokidoki, where all of the objects, that are usually inanimate, are given cute little faces.  This is a visual interpretation of the belief that everything has an energy - yin and yang...happy or mad, and so on.


Even the apples and the pears are given a personality.  So kawaii!


Unfortunately, there are people in this world who "bootleg" nice things.   This little makeup bag is an example of a fake LeSportsac.   Fortunately I didn't pay for this item.  It was given to me as a free gift with purchase on the online thrift shop Poshmark.  Some other poor girl was duped, but had the conscience to not attempt to profit off of thievery again.  I'm going to use it to carry my "monthly lady products."


Last, I'm going to use a super cute Lily Bloom Cupcake Wallet that I also got on Poshmark.   I got a great deal on this adorable wallet.  As you can see, it still has the tags.

Lily Bloom is another cute yet durable purse line that I was introduced to when I found this cupcake wallet.

Lily Bloom, an eco-friendly handbag and accessories line focused on sustainable fashion, with vibrant colors and feminine prints. Each piece is made from a signature fabric created from recycled plastic bottles.   How cool!?!?


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Kawaiimami on Poshmark

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