Monday, November 3, 2014

Things I've Made Recently

Hello My Lovelies,

So I did it...I resigned from my job.  I was presented with an amazing yet slightly unpredictable opportunity and I decided to jump on it.

I am now a full time artist and vendor at one of the most popular antique shops in Albuquerque.

Antiques & Things

I am really excited about the chance to get a spot in their store because they usually have a waiting list.

The timing was perfect!   I called my friend Kate about a space right as one was opening up, with nobody waiting for it.

So I have put up my vintage, antique, and handmade wares, which I will show all of you in another post.

Meanwhile, here are a few upcycled treasures I've made to sell in my booth.

I made this cute little figurine using the broken stem from an antique crystal glass that belonged to my grandmother.  I took a baby food jar lid, spray painted it pastel pink, added some lace trim around the edges and a little piece of lace to the top.  I then used E6000 to adhere a cute little velveteen rabbit that I bought at Michael's, and a slice of cake that I found at a yard sale.  Kawaii!


The next item is a bell, or cloche, on a vintage plate.  Perfect for displaying figurines or for preserving cookies during a tea party.  I used another piece of broken stemware and a little plate that lost its teacup mate in an accident.


I filed the jagged edges of the stem down and then wrapped the stem in burlap yarn and topped it with a rhinestone.   Again, I used E6000 to adhere the yarn and rhinestone.
In the photo below you can see it with a miniature 3 tiered cake. 


The last one is another cloche.  This one is the top half of the stem that I used in the first photo.  Once again I filed down the jagged tip, wrapped it in burlap yarn and topped with a cute little resin flower.  Now I need to find a plate that is the right size to go with it.

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Stay tuned!  I'll be showing off my booth at Antiques and Things,  as well as some of the other awesome antiques in the shop.  ♡


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