Friday, January 16, 2015

Latest Project: Decoupaged Dresser

Hello My Pretties,
As you may have read in my last post,  we moved into a new house.   The moving resulted in us changing out some of our furniture.  I sold the Thomasville dresser that was in my daughter's room and bought her a cheaper one.  She's still little and doesn't need a fancy furniture that she could potentially mess up. 
I sold the old one on Craigslist for $200, and then paid $40 for the new one at an indoor flea market.  It was cheaply made with chipped paint but it had potential. ..unfortunately I didn't think to take a before photo of it.  Blah!

Here are the after photos.

When I originally found the dresser it was an eggshell color with pastel turquoise drawer pulls.  My original plan was to spray paint the dresser white, spray paint the drawer fronts pastel pink,  and re-paint the pulls pastel turquoise.

Well, the weather wasn't cooperating so it was too cold to spray paint.  I had to think of something else to do to it.
Adam suggested that I mod podge it.  I was hesitant but I decided to select some papers, lay them out and see how it looked.  I chose some vintage Shakespeare book pages, cupcake and donut papers, and some bird paper.  I did the top first and decided that I liked it and that I was going to move forward with the whole thing.

Instead of using mod podge, however, I used a sheer pearlescent acrylic paint that I had purchased from Lowe's awhile back.  I used this because it is more durable and water resistant than the mod podge that I had on hand.
I used the same process with the acrylic paint that you would use with mod podge; which is: paint a coat on the dresser surface, place the paper on and smooth it out, then paint a coat on top to seal it...repeat.
You can start by choosing some main focal papers, place those down and then fill the space around them.  In my case, the bird papers were my focal pieces. I put them where I wanted them, then worked everything else in around them.

Also, don't be afraid to layer!  It will be necessary to achieve the desired effect.

After a few days of some sunny and warm weather, we were able to spray the drawer fronts pink after all.  Sweet!

The last part of the project was the drawer pulls.  I decided NOT to repaint the originals. They had been painted so many times, and were chipped in several places, which would have been too difficult to cover up.  We would have had to strip them, which is totally not worth it when you can buy gorgeous ones from Hobby Lobby for as low as  $1.99 each.  The most I paid was $3.99 each.

I chose graduated sizes and varying pastel colors.  They are all ceramic.  I love them!

Azalea loves her dresser!   It suits her pastel room perfectly ♡
Thank you for reading!

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