Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Ultimate List of Craft Show Tips & DIY Display Ideas from Everything Etsy

Hello readers,
I just read this article on and I had to share it with you!   These are some great tips. Definitely an article to print or make into a craft show checklist. 

The Ultimate List of Craft Show Tips & DIY Display Ideas (Via Bloglovin')

I also thought you might like to see my craft show table.  ^.^

These are actually old photos but my booth display hasn't changed much...
This one was from Herb Fest at the Rio Grande Nature Center.

And so was this one.  This is me holding my daughter when she was a baby and my friend Kate from Gilded Lily Jewelry.  She also makes vintage assemblage jewelry and it is really fun to make stuff with her because we bounce ideas off of each other.

My ever popular flapper mannequin.  I get so many compliments on her!  
I got her on Ebay.

My vintage jewelry box - I also get lots of compliments on this, as well as people telling me that their grandma had one just like it!  I was lucky enough to be able to barter some of my jewelry for it.  I really wanted it because I wanted something that I could store my jewelry in between shows and then just basically open up and put on the table - easy!

This is another display item that I searched high and low for.  
I really needed a tall necklace rack that swiveled. 
It is hard to tell from the picture but this displays my long necklaces perfectly!

And last but definitely not least - my dress form.  I love this for so many reasons.  It is my size (before I had my daughter), I can dress it up or dress it down, I can pin stuff to it because it is made out of foam,  and it is an eye catcher.  People notice it :-)

Also, I love to use vintage table cloths to cover my plastic craft show tables.  
I think they really class is up!


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