Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I Love Series - Craft Spaces

So, I'm currently working on my craft space.  It used to be my front porch but in early 2007 I had it converted to a cute little sun room.  I used to have my craft room in the basement but 1.  I rented out my basement and 2.  I wanted some more sunlight!

I love this space, in spite of it's space constraints, and I am really enjoying getting decorating ideas.
Here are some of my inspirations.

This is an ADORABLE craft armoire thingie - love it!

Here's another cute!!!

Check out the rest of my craft space inspirations on Pintrest
And stay tuned for photos of my sun room.  I'm almost done!  :-)
Love, Myria


Rachel said...

Those rooms are great, especially for people who don't have oodles of space for a huge craft room (like me!). Thanks for sharing them, can't wait to see how yours looks!


C. said...

I wish I had a great studio- I have to take over the pool table or dining room table. These are fun!

A said...

I also wish I had such a cute studio.
Your blog layout is so nice, btw. I found your site via LinkedIn-you were looking for artists to feature.

When you have time check out my blog and jewelry blog website. :)

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