Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Seed Gift Tags

These are so awesome! Not only are they pretty but they are fully functional and eco friendly. They are handmade gift tags with flower seeds embedded into the paper. Once you are done with the tag you just plant it and voila! Flowers!

To make the screen you will need:
6-12 Wide Craft Sticks (like tongue depressors)
Craft Glue
1 or 2 pieces of mesh or screen about 6″x6″
Electrical Tape

To make the paper you will need:
4-6 pieces of used white computer paper, construction paper, art paper, newspaper or junk mail
small flower seeds
hemp twine (optional)
ground cinnamon, lavender buds, or any other fragrant herb or spice (optional)
dried flower petals (optional)
a blender

Click Here to read the rest of the tutorial.
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